Pass-Off Script Resources

Each lab has a python script for creating a zip file that includes all the relevant files you created in the lab. The script can also be used to extract the file and make sure the file contains all the filess you need and that they operate properly in tne simulator and synthesis tools. You should make sure your zip file passes these tests before submitting it on learning suite.

This page provides information on running and resolving problems with the pass off scripts. This may be of special interest to those that are running the pass off scripts on their own computer outside of the digital lab.


You cannot run the python scripts in the standard windows terminal (cmd.exe).

If you are running Windows, you need to install cygwin on your computer and run the scripts in a cygwin terminal. See the cygwin for more information on how to install cygwin to run the scripts. Note that the It is very important that you add additional packages to cygwin for these scripts to run. The cygwin tutorial lists the packages you need.


If you are running linux, you need to make sure you have python installed. Also, you need to make sure that the Vivado executable are in the ‘path’ of your shell. By default they are not in your path and the script will not be able to run the simulation and synthesis tools. You need to run the bash script for setting the Vivado environment variables so you can run these scripts. This script can be executed as follows:

$ source <XILINX_DIR>/Vivado/2019.1/

where <XILINX_DIR> refers to the Xilinx installation path.

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